The Communication Revolution

The Communication Revolution:

New Perspectives on Photonics

ISBN: 9789038621555

Text: Sybe Izaak Rispens, Bram Vermeer, Bas den Hond.

Design: Ann-Christine Cordes and Maximilian Werner, Berlin

Publisher: COBRA, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Sending terabits of information from one place to another in a fraction of a second requires electronic circuits to work seamlessly together with photonic devices. This book gives an overview of the three interconnected fields of research that are key for making this happen:

  • Materials. The interaction between electrons and photons is defined by the laws of quantum mechanics. The challenge is to find new materials, structures, and manufacturing technologies that allow data to be handled at high speed while using small amounts of energy.
  • Devices. Based on new materials and structures, it is possible to create new lasers, photodetectors, modulators, and other optical components that can be integrated into new advanced optical devices.
  • Networks. From high-definition video streaming to real- time, mobile medical and educational applications, modern networks face ever-increasing demands for bandwidth and flexibility. New networking concepts are required.

This book gives you an inside view, from COBRA, one of the leading research labs. It shows how photonics can revolutionize our communication technology.