My book '2030' in Indonesian


My book '2030' just appeared in Indonesian. The book deals with the technological causes of global crises.  I give an overview of innovative technologies that address the social problems of the next twenty years. The book brings together the most exciting work of world-renowned experts, addressing problems as varied as infectious disease, financial instability, and climate change. 

I made the book with two brilliant scientist: Rutger van Santen en Djan Khoe.

The book appeared originally on 16 September 2010 at Oxford University Press. On that very same day, the first edition sold out. The book will also appear in Korean, Chinese, and Arab.

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My book: Knagende Vragen (nagging questions)

[Dutch] Inmiddels is mijn boek 'Knagende Vragen' in de negende druk. Het is dus hard op weg een bestseller te worden. Knagende Vragen beginnen met verwondering over de gewoonste dingen in het leven. Wie heeft zich, liggend op een grasveld, niet afgevraagd waarom wolken er zo bloemkoolachtig uitzien?

Meer over het boek (Nederlands)

Mehr über das Buch (Deutsch)

Report: Rethinking power

We are entering an era in which we will cultivate, harvest, and manufacture energy. This will bring about profound changes to the entire energy system. I explain this in a booklet for the Eindhoven Energy Institute, established in 2009 to bring together many strands of energy research. The booklet shows its main areas green mobility, solar energy, fusion energy, and energy use in cities. The scientist of the institute give their vision on this topic, and describe their research.